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Spotlight Study: “Narcissistic Employee of the Month”


An assortment of studies from the United Kingdom have found a positive correlation between “pathological personality and success at work.” The studies, conducted on over 5,000 British workers have found that certain personality traits often consider dysfunctional, do in fact serve as an advantage in certain roles. A case study on author Joanne Limburg, a self-confessed perfectionist with OCD traits, encloses transparent sleeves with drafts of her poems to University of Cambridge. This obviously obsessive behaviour may seem completely unnecessary to most people; however, Limburg’s OCD tendencies to compulsively “triple-check and organise” makes people like her invaluable employees in “auditing and other detail-oriented work.”

Cognitive psychologist at New York University, Scott Barry Kaufman and researcher Adrian Furham have found that schizotypal people whom exhibit “some combination of social withdrawal, strange beliefs and cognitive disorganisation” display the extraordinary capacity to notice patterns others miss. Not to mention, people with this seemingly dysfunctional trait also show great promise in the arts as well as sales with their “out-of-the-box creativity.”


Finally, professor Peter Harms of the University of Nebraska and Michael Maccoby of Oxford University have come to the conclusion that people with a “grandiose self-regarded” otherwise known as narcissism, can make excelled leaders. Narcissistic people believe that they are the personification of an excellent leader, pushing them to prove they are better than others meanwhile motivating others to learn and improve as well. Lastly, this grandiose self-regard leads narcissists to produce “beyond successful to world-changing” work.


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