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Spotlight Study: SITran Identifies Promising New Parkinson’s Drug

As I will be starting my second year at the University of Sheffield this year I very proud to present this article to you! I hope you enjoy:

A new drug has been identified by the Sheffield Institute for Translation Neuroscience (SITraN), which shows potential of being able to “stop faulty brain cells dying and slow down the progression of Parkinson’s” disease (University of Sheffield, 2013). This synthetic drug called ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) was one of the 2,000 tested by the researchers, which could make faulty mitochondria healthy again. These faulty mitochondria are one the “main reasons why brain cells die” in Parkinson’s disease (University of Sheffield, 2013). One of the most promising aspects of UDCA is that it has already been in used to treat forms of liver disease, meaning clinical trails to test the drug as a Parkinson’s treatment can begin right away.

UCDA offers new hope for the millions of people affected with Parkinson’s disease, a basal ganglia disorder affecting basic movement leading to depression, anxiety and basic dysfunction. This new drug, unlike those before, will be able to treat the disease itself rather than the symptoms.

According to ScienceDaily, Parkinson’s UK believes this drug brings us closer to a cure for Parkinson’s.


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